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Aluminum Tonneau Covers:

Currently, there are two different models of hard aluminum truck bed covers, the LT Sport Extreme Flat and Lazer Lite.

Both are made by the same company (Lazer Lite) and they are very similar with the major difference being that the LT Sport is custom painted to match the body paint on your truck while the Lazer Lite has a tough black textured powder coat finish to match the black trim on your truck.

They give you a nice choice of either the paint to match option, or the utility of a black powder coat texture.

LT Sport Cover

These covers are highly engineered and the design process is patented. Hearing from existing customers that these covers are better than any OEM cover you can buy. Yep, you heard that right. Prices range from $1400 to around $1800. Both covers have a design for security, style and increasing your gas mileage.

They are expensive and high quality.

Testing their truck bed covers they found you can expect about an 8% increase in fuel savings. At today’s gas prices, that means you save about $.32/gallon of gas. In most cases, you can expect the tonneau cover to pay for itself in gas savings in about 5 years.

Sadly, they have stopped manufacturing these a few years ago.

I know…I know…you could either go back in time and get one of these or you can consider another manufacturer.

Bummer, huh?

Please consider a RETRAX tonneau cover for fantastic results.