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A.R.E. Fiberglass Tonneau Covers

Ultimate custom fit tonneau covers:

The A.R.E. fiberglass tonneau covers.
The LSII Series is the ultimate in custom-fitted hard tonneau covers for today’s pickups. A.R.E. designed each model to match the curvature and style lines of the pickup it is made to fit. Compound curves add strength as well as style.

The LSII Series is equipped with an exclusive Lift Assist System that captures the 200+ lbs. of constant stress. The Lift Assist System makes it easy to open and close your LSII by absorbing the stress exerted by gas struts within the system. Other tonneaus send the force to the front corners of the truck bed which are not constructed to handle the stress.

The painted Palm Grip handle blends in with the LSII body. An easy twist of the wrist unlatches the LSII without removing gloves or subjecting fingernails to possible breakage. The dual cut key goes into the lock easily the first time and turns to lock or unlock the LSII quickly.

The weight of the LSII rests on the rubber height adjusters of the mounting rail system, and not on your truck’s paint. This prevents unnecessary paint wear on your truck bed rails. The LSII is designed with a mounting rail system, which allows a clamp-on installation with a common 9/16″ wrench. The LSII is fast and simple to remove and reinstall. There is no need to drill holes in your bed rails, which will hurt the resale value of your truck.

Clamps are sold separately.

A.R.E. makes an LSII to fit all current model trucks plus most early models. the approximate weight is 90 lbs. for a mini and 120 lbs. for a full size.

This list may be a bit out of date, but they still make some very fine fiberglass tonneau covers.

Here is the latest line-up for A.R.E. tonneau covers.