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Hard Hat

Advantage Tonneau Covers: Hard Hat Covers

Advantage makes two separate models of tonneau covers:
The Torza Top and the Hard Hat.

The Torzatop tonneau covers are soft folding covers and they claim it installs in less than a minute.

Torza Tonneau Cover

Hard Hat tonneau covers have a hard panel sown inside of the cover to offer a type of hard ‘tri-fold cover’.

Hard Hat Tonneau Cover Features

  • Tri-Folding Design:¬† Three separate panels fold up to allow you to carry taller items in your truck bed.
  • Hard ‘Tri-Fold’ Design:¬†Each of the 3 panels are ‘hard’ so they offer extra security over the soft cover designs.

Hard Hat Tonneau Cover Installation

The Hard Hat cover by Torza installs in seconds. It has a patented design and there is no need for drilling or tools…just your two hands.

It is also quite lightweight!