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UnderCover Tonneau Covers:

UnderCover offers three different designs of tonneau covers.

  • The “Classic” Under Cover
  • The SE Under Cover
  • The SE Smooth Under Cover

All three are made of an ABS polymer. These hard covers are hinged at the front with quick release hardware and are quite easy to remove if you are hauling taller items. Each cover comes with wall mounting brackets so you can hang your cover on the wall while not in use. The weather is sealed out by a double seal running around the perimeter on the underside. Each cover comes standard with a simple ‘no drill’ concealed clamp bracket system. There is a built in LED light to illuminate your truck bed at night, and a pull-strap to help close the cover.

The Under Cover locks using two twist locks that are secure and waterproof. It wraps over the tailgate for security, so you will need to open the cover in order to have access to your truck bed. These covers are custom made for each make and model truck, so there is no ‘universal fit’ to worry about.

The Classic UnderCover sits on top of the bed rails and wraps over the edges on three sides for security, The cover is basically ‘flat’ and it has two locks at the rear corners. It has a black textured finish that helps resist scratches and provides an OEM look to these covers. It appears that they have a patented ‘X’ design for strength and they are quite lightweight.

The SE UnderCover is similar to the Classic Undercover, except that this cover has some styling lines.

The SE Smooth UnderCover comes ready to be custom painted to match your truck.

Undercover makes a nice looking tonneau cover and will look very nice on your truck bed.