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Sport Masters

Sport Masters Tonneau Covers

The Sport Masters Tonneau Covers are the low-cost solution for your truck. These tonneaus allow you to secure your belongings AND carry large items for a fraction of the cost of most tonneau covers.

This cover has been discontinued!

Sport Masters went out of business a couple of years ago.
Please consider an ACCESS TONNEAU COVER from Tonneau Covers World!

Sport Masters Covers Features:

Slant side design
Black enameled frame
Fast and easy installation
Contoured rails
Frame adjusters
No Drill Installation
Adjustable locking studs
Black tubular supports
Plastic reinforced vinyl corners
Labeled components
‘Hook and Loop’ tie-down straps
Full bed access
Improves gas mileage
Increases security
Weather protection

Sport Masters Benefits:

Low profile
Cosmetically attractive
Slant side installs in ten minutes
Rails follow curves of the truck bed allowing a better fit
Frames are adjustable to compensate for weather conditions
Clamps to truck bed and does not void truck warranty
Strong design for severe weather
Plastic reinforced corners prevent curling
Access to bed at all four sides
The tonneau cover and the frame is covered by a limited lifetime warranty
Reduces fuel consumption
In a short time, the cover will pay for itself in reduced fuel consumption
Hides your cargo. “Out of sight – out of mind”
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Sport Masters Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a tonneau cover?

A ‘tonneau cover’ is otherwise known as a ‘truck-bed cover’.
These range from the expensive fiberglass lids to the top quality frame mounted vinyl covers made by Sport Masters. ‘Tonneau’, is a French word loosely translated to mean – you guessed it…cover.

What if I would like to haul something in the bed of my truck that will not fit under the truck bed cover?

First, you need to unsnap your cover along the tailgate section and side rails. Remove the tailgate section and re-snap the cover to the tailgate section. Begin rolling the tailgate section up inside the cover, securing the tie down straps. Also, you can completely remove the cover from the frame.
What can I do? My vinyl tonneau cover is snug on my Hinged Slant-Side during installation?

If the vinyl cover is snug, lift the hinge cover up while snapping for an easier installation.
How can I adjust my latching assembly?

Although pre-set at the factory, the latch assembly may need to be adjusted during installation to fit your specific truck. This can be done by loosening the bolts that hold the upper mounting bracket in place (the pieces at the the end of the channel that hold the the latch arms in place). This will also allow you to move the arms either closer or further from your truck bed rail insuring a perfectly snug fit when latched.
Where can I send my comments and testimonials?

If a customer wishes to give a testimonial about their Sport Masters product, we encourage them to write us at our web site:
How do I order replacement parts?

You can order your replacement parts directly from Sport Masters factory. To insure you receive the correct part we need the serial number of the actual unit. The serial number can be located on the top side of the driver side rail near the cab. This number will be either a 5 or 6 digit number.
How should I roll and secure my vinyl properly?

When rolling up the vinyl on your Slant-Side tonneau cover, remove the tailgate section from the tonneau frame and resnap it to the cover. Roll the cover towards the cab with the tailgate section inside and secure with the tie down straps.
How do I know my clamps are properly set?

Make sure the clamp pad is on the foot of the clamp. Also, feel under the bed rail to ensure that the clamps are on a flat surface.
How do I properly remove my Hinged Slant-Side tonneau cover?

First remove your pressure cylinders by releasing the quick release clips (DO NOT remove the clips, only pull them out until the tension releases the gas prop) on the ‘ball stud’ of the cover section.
Once both gas props are released, set the unit back on the truck and unsnap the front and side sections up to the hinge knuckles. Next, remove your quick release pins and the unit is ready to be removed. For installation, reverse the above steps.

How do I assure that no damage will come to my vinyl while in use?

Always have the cover secured properly either completely snapped on the frame, or rolled up and secured with the tie down straps. This will prevent the vinyl from cracking and peeling, also known as wind-whipped.
What is the proper storage for my vinyl cover?

When storing the tonneau cover, roll the vinyl up, do not fold or crease. Folding may cause the vinyl of the cover to break down along the creases.
What can I do to prevent mildew from forming on my cover?

Remember when rolling up the vinyl cover; be sure the vinyl is thoroughly dry and protected with Tonneau Magic to prevent mildew.
What can I use to lubricate my snaps?

Sport Masters recommends that you should lubricate the snaps on the vinyl cover with a petroleum-based lubricant.
My Hinged Latch Assembly seems loose. What can I do?

Periodically retightening the T-handle center nut is recommended to ensure the proper latching down of the Hinged Slant-Side cover.
How can I insure that I am taking care of my cover properly?

There is a new piece of literature being packaged with all Sport Masters tonneau covers. The care booklet helps you to properly care for your cover. Please read this helpful booklet.
What is the warranty on my new cover?

The vinyl has a limited lifetime warranty. The frame has a limited lifetime warranty against defects in craftsmanship or product.